Post Matrimonial

Welcome to Indian Lady Detective, a private detective agency with excellence in post matrimonial and extramarital affair investigation. Not all relationships have a cheerful climax and a considerable lot of the wedded couples need to go through some serious hardship. Marriage is the relationship of two spirits and bodies. The connection of spouse and wife is the most consecrated and devout connection. Yet by and large the holiness of marriage is broken because of similarity, infidelity, request of share, badgering by parents in law, harmful marriage etc. Indian Lady Detective is the prime matrimonial detective agency in India. We at ILD specializes in post marital investigations and is an eminent name in offering matrimonial detective services and post marriage investigation.

Post Matrimonial Investigation can never have same standard operating procedure each and every case is unique and needs different technique for investigation. We use numerous different methods include discreet surveillance to obtain the important information you need. As leading marriage investigators, we investigate every possibility to accumulate confirmations of cheating and disloyalty. The Important verifications are gathered as sound/video/reports and so on. The proof produced by Indian Lady Detective are irrefutable in nature.

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