Pre Matrimonial

We at Indian Lady Detective carry out a special service assisting you in taking the right decision by checking and verifying the details and information given to you by the other family of the purpose of marriage. Marriages are one the most crucial part of life and these can make his/her life heaven or hell. So why to take chances for your loved ones, lest you repent and he/she hold you responsible for ruining his/her married life by not getting the facts verified beforehand.
In this era of online marriages, when nothing much is known about the prospective groom/bride, people tired of getting irrelevant and incompatible proposals from the matrimonial website. After spending a lot of money on classified advertisements and wasting time in browsing through irrelevant replies, the people realize the need of a professional matrimonial detectives.
We have our agents in every major Cities in Delhi and other countries, which means that once the case is assigned to us, we can guarantee that you will secure the most competitive rate along with exceptional level of service, wherever and whatever the case may be. During the course of our investigations we provide you adequate prior information about the prospective bride/groom which predominantly relates to the following:

  • Job, Business profile and Reputations
  • Overall financial status
  • Temperamental details
  • Character, Previous Marriage(if any)
  • Relations with other Men/Women
  • Criminal records
  • Drug/Alcohol abuse & General habits
  • Daily routine activities
  • and many more......

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