Pre Employment

Our investigative services broaden from pre-employment to post-employment information requirements of employers. We offer a complete solution of employment screening services including Pre / Post Employment Verification of credentials and references, checking of public records, and character evaluation. In Pre Employment Verification category, we offer wide range of Pre-Employment verification services. Scrutiny of resumes submitted by the candidates and extraction of correct identity, family, address, educational qualification, financial position, criminal record, reference checks, creditworthiness medical history and all the details of the employee. Our corporate investigators will give comprehensive details about all the candidates. Pre-employment screening will help companies identify problem areas before they hire an individual. Our services consist of investigation on over all work attitudes, employment checks, certificates / degree verification, family verification, education, residence address (past & present), reference checks, criminal verification, biological testing etc.

Our efforts are purely based on the task at hand and therefore we do not stick to a single approach. We are flexible and often go beyond the regular repertoire to gather specific information. In such situations, we go on to perform a comprehensive information gathering process.